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4Fun-Funny Videos, WhatsApp Status Invite and Earn

Best Indian app for watch and create, edit videos Share video status on WhatsApp you make money every share get Rs.1 instant and if your friends install app than get you Rs.7 and your friends Rs.50. You can earn two method.
·       Share Videos On WhatsApp, Facebook or Social Networking Platforms.
·       Being a video creator on 4Fun Community.

Q.1. How to earn money easily?

1.   Share 4Fun videos to WhatsApp, Facebook groups. And YouTube there will be a referral link with each videos.
2.   Every effective installation by clicking your referral link can earn Rs.7

Rules you must read before start

1.   One Installation = 7 Rs. Every effective installation by clicking your referral link can earn Rs. 7 All result are based on statistics data from Play Store of Google. Duplicated installation must be counted for only once.
2.   You can withdrawal when bonus reach up to Rs.200, and the withdrawal amount must be multiple of Rs.200.
3.   Transfer to account in 48 hours after the withdrawal application.
4.   Do not add deceptive language to attract people to click your referral link.

Tips for you to get more installation

1.   Share referral link to WhatsApp groups, you can get more installations quickly.
2.   Copy and share link to different social websites, this can help you to earn more cash bonus.
3.   If you have any questions, Please send emails to realmamu@gmail.com


1.   4Fun Team has the right to block any participants who violated the rules.
2.   4Fun Team has the right to stop the SHARE REWARD PLAN with any participants without reasons.

Become a Video Creator please follow the rules mention below.

1.   Create and share videos using 4Fun own camera.
2.   4Fun offers cash bonus to your videos.
3.   Videos which are not created by 4Fun own cameras might not be counted into your bonus.


The bonus on your video is a reward from 4Fun official to you for publishing videos. The amount of bonus will be calculated by 4Fun, based on how many views and likes your video gets.

Q.1 How can I get more bonus?

1.   Create and share videos using 4Fun own camera.
2.   Make sure of the high quality and stability of your videos.
3.   Keep your videos creative, entertaining, unique and appealing to your followers.
4.   Interact with your followers on a frequent basis.
5.   Keep posting new materials everyday.

Q.2 What type of video can’t get bonus?

1.   Contents found irrelevant to little. An act to only attract views.
2.   Similar material found repeatedly uploaded, lack of creativity or catch.
3.   Steal or copy other user’s video inside or outside the community without permission.
4.   Contents found seductive, sexual of low quality.

Q.3 What kind of behavior will be suspended from bonus?

1.   When a user registered multiple accounts, 4Fun will only send bonus to one of the accounts.
2.   Being found stealing and copying other user’s material multiple times.

How to withdrawal Cash Bank Account or wallet

Please read and follow rules and terms below-:1.   You will need to have a PayTm account in order to request a cash withdrawal from 4Fun. You should make sure your PayTm account information provided to 4Fun is accurate, complete and update-to-date and you will be solely responsible for any consequences as result information being provided.
2.   You can withdraw money at anytime.
3.   One PayTm account can be only bundled with one 4Fun account. This means you can not add same PayTm account to another 4Fun account.
4.   Going to withdraw indicates you agree with 4Fun terms of Services.


Will there be any fee for withdrawal?

4Fun will not charge you any for processing your withdrawal request. However, PayTm night charge transaction fees for processing your cash withdrawal request or any follow-up requests. You can visit PayTm Official Website to learn more about their transaction frees.

How long will take to receive cash or money?

Each withdrawal application will be manually reviewed and processed by 4Fun for security reasons within 2 days of receipt. However PayTm may place your funds on hold for a further period of time (at their sole discretion) due to their screening requirements. Therefore, please allow a further period of of 7 calendar days for funds to be transferred to your PayTm account. 4Fun will try to process withdrawal request in a timely manner, however we do not guarantee that payments will be made within a specific period. 

India’s Best Funny Video & Status Videos App Download Here

4Fun is a free Funny Video and Status Video Community. It’s the best way to discover thousands of Indian videos. You can express yourself by sharing short video clips. Become popular in India, make new friends and interact with people. Share funny videos and status videos on WhatsApp and Facebook 4Fun is also a fast, simple Video Editor to trim videos, and text, stickers, filters and music you can easily create and upload your own videos.Become popular in India by creating and uploading short videos, increasing your followers, chatting and interacting with thousands of users. On 4Fun be how you wanna be. Have fun!

With 4Fun you can

1.   Discover all funny Indian videos, Like music videos funny videos WhatsApp status.
2.   Watch funny viral general knowledge and hot videos uploaded daily.
3.   Follow and interact with people whose videos you like.
4.   Create your own short videos and slideshow in a minute.
5.   Edit videos with creative effects, filters, music, stickers and text.
6.   Download funny videos and status for WhatsApp within few seconds.
7.   LoL with your friends share funny videos on your WhatsApp group.

Video Edit Features

1.   Trim your videos or GIFs, create video clip in a minute.
2.   Merge videos or GIFs into one story, publish it as a single video.
3.   Add music to video, make your own music video.
4.   Make your slideshow videos, you can add music and text on you photos.
5.   Edit videos of GIFs with hundreds of user-friendly special video effects that include stickers, filters, songs, themes, frames and lot more.
6.   Upload short funny videos, edit them with cool filters and effects.
7.   Watch, create and share short Indian videos anytime, anywhere!
8.   There are so many musical, funny videos and lol Gifs related to astrology, Bollywood, cricket, devotion and a lot more in 4Fun community.
9.   Download now and Join 4Fun community Everything funny in just one application.

Download  4Fun-Funny Video, WhatsApp


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