Windows reseller hosting is focused on scalability to improve the server's performance, as scalability and future pension cannot be neglected while hosting a Windows application. Windows has been used worldwide for a long time, so most people are familiar with Windows operating system. If you know how to operate windows you can easily manage windows based server, as there will not be any need to learn a new language to manage your website. Its simple and easy interface use for all users and best performance for your website if you think start a our own website today start with EVERDATA TECHNOLOGIES HOSTING RESELLER PVT. LTD. Choose Windows Hosting.

Microsoft keeps updating the features and functionalists of Windows operating system from time to time. This gives you a opportunity to get updated with the latest technologies and recent changes. Join Everdata Technologies as a Windows Hosting Reseller. To do so, please reach by starting a chat or contacting through an E-mail at :- sales@everdata.com, or making a phone call:- +91-141--3000000 On land-line number in India.


Although Linux is the most preferred option in reseller hosting, Windows is still the first choice of a big number of online users. It is popular because it is user friendly and it is a trusted brand that has been used for a long time. Please note that some web solutions are only possible to access through Windows hosting.
Windows reseller hosting is ideal for those who have website using windows based applications. This will provide compatibility to those application with the web server. Windows reseller hosting will work wonders for those who prefer ASP .NET, Microsoft SQL Server of MySQL database for their website and server.


Each of our Windows reseller hosting accounts comes with Parallels Pales control panel. The easy to use user interface and several web based tools makes hosting easier for you and your customers. This saves you time and money, while giving your customers a beautiful hosting experience. You can create, Edit and manage and customise a web hosting space with just a few clicks. It does not require you to be technical knowledge, as ever a novice can manage things very easily. It contains more 200 web applications and CMS. This panel is being used by a broad range of users like, web hosting, web designers, small businessman and IT professionals, etc. In whole, it lets you manage how the server and associated resources will be used.


Are you absolutely sure that you want to go for Windows shared hosting? If you are a newbie to web hosting then it is a must to know about Windows shared hosting before choosing it as your web hosting platform. By doing so, you of Windows features, then you already know it is the right choice for you.



You can choose windows shared hosting option for your website no matter what operating system you are using on you Computers. It is ideal if you are,

  1. Building a website through .NET, ASP or ASP .NET programming.
  2. Using SQL for your websites database management.
  3. Using Front Page to design and upload your Website. 

There are several aspects that you need to confirm before launching your website Online. You can get knowledge from Online resources about other applications supported by Windows. The best solution is to ask your Programmer, Developer, Designer, Webmaster who developed your website. He or She can tell you which of your applications require Windows platform so that you could be assured about choosing Windows shared hosting for your website.

If you are still confused, giving to you support EVERDATA TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. executives a chance to explain whether your website needs a windows shared hosting or not. Please reach support executive for starting a chat or contact  there Email at:- sales @Everdata.com or making phone call +91-141-3000000 on land line number in India.



Reseller hosting is doing extremely well in the current hosting business environment, especially Linux reseller hosting. It is in high demand because it is user friendly, cheaper than any other platforms, very flexible, 

compatible with latest technologies, providers many free to use add-Ons and has a wide community of Linux users to support you in any critical situation. If you want to start your own web hosting business, going for a Linux 

reseller hosting account is the best way to test the water at an affordable cost. As a reseller, You sell hosting packages under your own brand name. Here is how it works First, you will need to set up different packages with 

titles (such as Basic, Advanced, etc.) Next, You specify the features (space, bandwidth, etc.) of each package and set a price for each one. Then, you are ready to sell the packages to your own client base. You may charge 

any price you would like, allowing you to have the look and feel of you own hosting company. The only cost that you incur is a fixed yearly fee for you own reseller hosting plan.


If you have a lot of website or want t provide hosting services to a number of your clients, but don't have any technical knowledge, then Linux reseller hosting is the perfect solution for you. At Everdata Technologies we 

provide a team of technically or want  professionals that will support your servers 24x7x365. Apart from this, Linux reseller hosting is needed if your website is developed in Linux based applications and tools. 

Compatibility will speed up your server's functionality. Also top notch languages and web technologies support Linux hosting like, PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML.


Each of our Linux reseller hosting plans includes a magical control panel called cPanel. This easy to use cPanel is really miraculous, as it controls your hosting features, facilities, services and other resources. Below is a list of 

 features that cPanel provides. You can easily navigate through detailed information of each and every service, facility and add-on feature through this cPanel. This will tell you about the HTML version your website is using how 

many email accounts, sub domains, parked  domains, add-on domains, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases that are available and how may of them are being used. you can add, edit and manage all these things from a 

single panel. There are innumerable things you can do with your Linux reseller hosting account by using this control panel. you get a real control over your website and server.


Everdata Technologies offers you a fully featured Linux reseller hosting plan that features.
  1. Hosting setup at no cost.
  2. No recurring charges
  3. No hidden charges
  4. Guaranteed 99.99% uptime with the most stable web servers.
  5. Strong security for your web servers and ultimately to your Online business
  6. Complete range of services available with ever reseller plan.
  7. Free installation of third party software and tools.
  8. Complete server maintenance throughout the year.
  9. 24x7x365 support team.

Join us as a Linux hosting reseller. To do So, please reach us by starting a chat with us, or contacting us through an e-mail (sales@everdata.com), or making a phone call (+91-141-3000000) on land line number in India.

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